Ting Wang | Professional Grade Tools

In addition to the German GS certification, the Company has the capability of developing new processes and new products. Incessant demand for quality gives our products the competitive edge in the market, under the production management that includes both the customer-licensed OEM model and the customer-designated ODM model.

The GS certification that we receive means everyone on every production line and step, from raw material to shipment, is a top-notch quality inspector who carries out quality control to the full.

Owing to that, our products are popular in the world, including Europe, North America, South America, the Oceanic, Asia and South Asian countries. In respect to the huge quantity at low cost models in US or the small but diverse batches models in Europe, it is always a breeze for us to meet customer demands, which demonstrate our flexibility, as we operate with a high percentage of house-made parts, at production speeds that can be further revved, under more rigorous quality control to be able to provide the customers with better services and quality.

the German GS certifications