Ting Wang | Professional Grade Tools

Ting Wang Enterprise Ltd. was established in 1988, when its President, Mr. H.C. Pao wisely incorporated quality in production. Under his lead, all the Company’s persons, of one accord, have come through uncountable glorious moments over the past three decades and are marching toward the future with a vision. That included the cut-throat competitions from mainland China and the 2008 global financial crisis, in which challenging situations, however, the Company has developed a series of proper manufacturing processes with the equipment available and maintained a steady sales growth as high as 10% each year.

Meantime, the Company cultivated, based on the three features of the management, the spirit of quality first and customer first.

  • Service to customers
  • Quality requirement
  • Delivery control

human resources management

The Company aims at sustainable operation and makes every effort in safe equipment as well as thorough fulfillment of environmental and natural issues. Hence, it creates a safe working environment for every participant here and to protect them. The Company also takes pragmatic approach in human resources management; coordination and reciprocal communications in the spirit of empathy allow every employee to find innovation and stability in his job.


the spirit of quality first and customer first

In catering to the demands from today’s global communities, our products are characterized by diversity. We produce in a wide range of accessories from slide rods, universal joints, links to connectors and acceleration rods, and another range of sockets including short and long sockets, universal sockets and bit sockets, in addition to manual and pneumatic tools that are manufactured by dedicated hands, to encompass a complete collection of items to satisfy the needs of various customers.